What is The Sweat Connection and How Does It Work? F.A.Q.

General Information

The Sweat Connection connects buyers and sellers by creating a marketplace for gyms. Our users are looking for profit, a lifestyle business, or both.

We take a passive approach and the leg work is on you. Built on the philosophy that if you built it, you can sell it, we challenge the broker business who has never served the small business owner well.
Register as a buyer or seller; you can't be both. Submit your profile and participate in conversations.

As a buyer, you are able to view The Map, view profiles, set up alerts, and reach out to sellers by email. You'll be able to view key metrics like revenue, membership, Inquire further to see if it's a good fit. Communication beyond email is up to you.

As a seller, you'll submit a questionnaire with information on your operations, property, and personal details. After receiving your information, our team will create your profile. Any peice of information that can be used to easily identify your gym, like location, will be altered to preserve anonymity.

For instance, we will change your location to a central cross-street within your market. This still allows buyers to see the general market they are interested in, but won't allow competitors to see your intention to sell.

After receiving our proposed profile by email, you have 72 hours to reply with your approval or to request changes.
Small business owners only have a few options for exiting their business.

As a result, many gyms are liquidated or sold for below their fair value. The right buyer can preserve the community of your members, the employment of your staff, and give you the best offer to walk away from your business.

Approaching competitors can lead to awkward or damaging conversations. Alternatively, hiring a broker or agent is expensive, time consuming, and the end result may not be in your best interest.

The Sweat Connection allows you to own the process and pocket fees and commission that would be charged by brokers and agents.
Buyer's access is free for a limited time.

As a seller, you'll pay a one-time fee of $275. Your profile is active until it sells, or until you ask to be taken off the platform. To have your profile be taken off the platform please email info@thesweatconnection.com
It is in the best interests of each party to inquire anonymous. Entrepreneurs and investors should coordinate the news carefully to clients and competitors. Even though every conversation won't lead to a deal, it is our policy to maintain discretion throughout the process.
Our team manages the profiles of buyers and sellers ensuring confidentiality, accuracy, and communication. It is up to the buyers to begin communication and our team does not actively connect users on our platform.

Seller Profiles

Sellers can expect the email within 24 hours of submitting their questionnaire. Accompanied by the snapshot of the profile will be the altered location, highlighted in yellow. The cross-street is chosen to represent a central part of your market that still preserves anonymity.

It is important that you confirm the profile as soon as possible by replying to the email. The profile will not be on the platform until approval has been received, and you will not be charged until you approve of your profile.
Yes. You are asked whether you are open to a partial sale during your questionnaire. Make sure to hit 'yes,' and we recommend being clear about this in your description as well.
Buyers message sellers after reading through the profile on the map. Often a buyer will first ask for the information that is most important to their decision process. We encourage buyers and sellers to continue serious conversations in person or on the phone.
No, only buyers who are paying the recurring monthly fee. Further, we don't use gym names or require pictures.

Instead, we provide some anonymity through usernames to give both parties control over their interest.
Only buyers have access to The Map. Separating buyers and sellers helps us ensure both parties are properly motivated.
You will receive messages from buyers. If you are not logged in to receive the message, you will receive an email too, by default.
Your profile will stay up until it sells, or you ask to be taken down. To request to be taken down, please email info@Thesweatconnection.com

Buyer Profile

Using the same platform as many real estate listings, like Apartments.com, we have displayed our profiles on Google Maps.
Buyer profiles are active with a monthly subscription which can be cancelled anytime. To request a cancellation, please email info@Thesweatconnection.com
Buyers are not visible to sellers. Sellers will only see your username when you message them. Any communication outside of messaging is up to you.
We want to reward buyers for using our platform. If you buy part or all of a business found on our site, we will refund you up to $150 of your subscription fees after receiving a picture of the signed sales agreement.

Just a little kick-back as a thank you for using our service.

Note that if your subscription fees have in total been less than $150, we will only refund what you've paid.
Cancel anytime by emailing info@Thesweatconnection.com


By owning the process, entrepreneuers save a lot of time and money. We're creating video tutorials to explain the complexity of lease terms and and financial statements.

Created by experts in their field, our tutorials use gym-specific examples and terminology to be immediately effective for closing the sale.
Our video tutorials will be available for sale December 2018.

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