The Sweat Connection was founded to help the fitness entrepreneur. Lifestyle businesses were created out love for service and people but when priorities change the entrepreneur is traditionally left with few options.

Professionals like brokers or agents are used but too often their interests are not aligned with the entrepreneur. Through listings, searches, and education, we help answer questions like

  • "What is my gym worth?"
  • "What can I do to improve my sale price?"
  • "Does my lease prevent me from selling?"
  • "When shoud I tell my landlord I am thinking about selling my gym?"
  • "How can I prepare to sell my gym?"
  • "What financial statements and other documents do I need to sell?"
  • "What forms and clauses do I need to have for a current or future partnership?"
  • ...and more...

Answer these questions before reaching out to costly professionals. Our platform cuts the middlemen out and, as a result, our philosophy is if you built it, you can sell it.

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